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Adamis Pharmaceuticals Announces Closing of the Merger with DMK Pharmaceuticals

Adamis Pharmaceuticals: Pioneering a New Era in Biopharmaceuticals through Merger with DMK Pharmaceuticals On the heels of an impressive merger with DMK Pharmaceuticals, Adamis Pharmaceuticals is making significant strides in the biopharmaceutical landscape. Armed with an expanded portfolio and innovative technologies, they are at the forefront of developing treatments for a range of therapeutic areas. 1. Pre-Merger Overview: Adamis Pharmaceuticals Adamis Pharmaceuticals, prior to the merger, held a strong focus on the development and commercialization of products for various therapeutic areas. Their primary areas of interest were opioid overdose and allergic reactions. 1.1 FDA-Approved Products Adamis had several products approved by the FDA, including ZIMHI® (naloxone) Injection for the treatment of opioid overdose, and SYMJEPI® (epinephrine) Injection for use in the emergency treatment of acute allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis. 2. Expanding Horizons: The Merger with DMK Pharmaceuticals The merger with DMK Pharmaceuticals opened up new avenues for Adamis Pharmaceuticals. Following the merger, the company has also started focusing on developing innovative therapies for opioid use disorder (OUD) and other critical neuro-based conditions. 2.1 DMK Pharmaceuticals: A Game-Changer in Drug Design DMK Pharmaceuticals' technology is a trailblazer in endorphin-inspired drug design. It features mono, bi-, and tri-functional small molecules that simultaneously modulate crucial networks in the nervous system. 2.2 The Library of Neuropeptide Analogues DMK boasts about 750 small molecule neuropeptide analogues in their library. This extensive collection presents a unique pipeline that could potentially address unmet medical needs by integrating with the body's own efforts to restore disrupted physiology. 3. DPI-125: The Flagship Clinical Stage Product DMK's lead clinical stage product candidate, DPI-125, is currently under study as a potential novel treatment for OUD. In addition to this, the company also plans to develop this compound for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. 4. Other Development Stage Product Candidates Adamis Pharmaceuticals, post-merger, is also working on several other development stage product candidates. These include DPI-221 aimed at bladder control problems and DPI-289 for severe end-stage Parkinson's disease. 5. The Road Ahead The merger between Adamis Pharmaceuticals and DMK Pharmaceuticals signifies a promising future for the combined entity. It brings together the strengths and capabilities of both companies to address some of the most pressing medical needs. "Adamis Pharmaceuticals is charting new territories in the world of biopharmaceuticals, delivering innovative solutions for critical medical needs." The merger with DMK Pharmaceuticals has opened up new horizons, paving the way for breakthroughs in multiple therapeutic areas. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey towards creating a healthier future. References:


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