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Alentis Therapeutics Secures $105M Funding for Fibrosis and Cancer Clinical Trials

Alentis Therapeutics, a biotech powerhouse known for its innovative drug research, has recently raised a whopping $105 million. This significant funding is set to bolster clinical trials aimed at combating fibrosis and cancer.

A Closer Look at Alentis Therapeutics

Founded in 2019, Alentis Therapeutics is a Basel, Switzerland-based biotech company committed to exploring new frontiers in the medical world. The company is renowned for its ground-breaking research on Claudin 1 (CLDN1), a part of the tight junctions family of proteins. Alentis aims to develop antibody drugs that will block CLDN1, thus paving the way for revolutionary treatments for fibrosis and cancer.

The Role of CLDN1

CLDN1 proteins are primarily found in cells lining blood vessels and those covering body surfaces and hollow organs. An overproduction of this protein can trigger organ signaling, leading to disease. Alentis' research is rooted in this understanding and is directed towards inhibiting the production of CLDN1.

The Fight Against Fibrosis

Fibrosis is characterized by the thickening of tissue or the formation of scar tissue, leading to severe organ damage. Alentis's lead program, ALE.F02, is under development to tackle this health issue.

The initial phase of testing for ALE.F02 involved 40 healthy volunteers. The results were promising, with the drug proving to be safe and well-tolerated. Additionally, the drug showed signs of on-target biological activity.

With its recent funding, Alentis plans to move this program into Phase 2 testing. The focus will be on patients suffering from advanced kidney, lung, and liver fibrosis.

Alentis's Cancer Research

Aside from its focus on fibrosis, Alentis is also dedicated to cancer research. The company is planning to enroll patients with CLDN1-positive tumors for a Phase 1 test for another program, ALE.C04.

Alentis's pipeline also includes an antibody drug conjugate (ADC) for CLDN1-positive tumors. This ADC is in preclinical development.

The Next Generation CLDN1 Platform

Alentis is not stopping at its current research. The company is also developing a next-generation CLDN1 platform which it describes as offering an "enhanced mechanism of action." This research is preclinical, and the specific disease indications remain undisclosed.

The Importance of Funding

"There are huge unmet needs in organ fibrosis and cancer. This funding enables us to continue with the important work we're doing in the CLDN1 space," says Alentis CEO Roberto Iacone.

The Investors

The Series C round of financing was led by leading investment firms Jeito Capital, Novo Holdings, and RA Capital Management. Other participants include BB Pureos Bioventures, Bpifrance, and Schroders Capital.


The future is looking bright for Alentis Therapeutics as it continues to forge ahead with its pioneering research. With this substantial funding, the company can now further its efforts in developing effective treatments for fibrosis and cancer.


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