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Autologous Lymphocyte Therapy: A Revolutionary Approach in Cancer Treatment

Autologous lymphocyte therapy, a pioneering treatment strategy in cancer therapy, is gaining significant attention in the field of medical science. This innovative therapy, developed by Beijing Biohealthcare Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is targeted to treat various types of neoplasms and digestive system disorders.

"Autologous lymphocyte therapy may be the future of cancer treatment."

What is Autologous Lymphocyte Therapy?

Autologous lymphocyte therapy is a type of immune cell therapy where a patient's own lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) are used to fight cancer cells. A patient's lymphocytes are harvested, activated, and then returned to the patient's body. This therapy is considered a promising approach for treating hepatocellular carcinoma and stomach cancer.

Synonyms of Autologous Lymphocyte Therapy

Autologous lymphocyte therapy is also known as KACM001 in medical terms.

Therapeutic Areas of Impact

This therapy is actively indicated for the treatment of:

  • Neoplasms: An abnormal growth of tissue, as a result of uncontrolled, progressive multiplication of cells.

  • Digestive System Disorders: An array of diseases that affect the digestive system, including the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.

Clinical Trials

There have been various clinical trials associated with this therapy. For example, a study on the combined use of Gefitinib and autologous lymphocyte-activated killer cells (LAK) therapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer was initiated on 01 Feb 2007.

Patent Information

Beijing Biohealthcare Biotechnology Co., Ltd., holds 100 patents related to autologous lymphocyte therapy. The company's core patent data can boost the research in this field.

R&D Status and Regulations

The R&D status of autologous lymphocyte therapy is robust with many ongoing studies. The therapy is regulated by specific drug designations, details of which can be found on Synapse, PatSnap’s AI-powered, connected innovation intelligence platform built for life sciences professionals.

Therapeutic Regimen

The therapeutic regimen for autologous lymphocyte therapy involves the harvesting, activation, and reinfusion of a patient's lymphocytes. The results of this regimen have shown promising results in clinical trials.

Publication Date

The latest publication date for studies related to autologous lymphocyte therapy is yet to be released.

Clinical Trial Analysis

A detailed analysis of clinical trials can help identify the latest advances and challenges in autologous lymphocyte therapy.

Regulatory Approval Information

To accelerate research, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest regulatory approval information. This information can be found on Synapse.

# Sample code to fetch latest regulatory approval information
import synapse
latest_regulatory_info = synapse.fetch_latest_info('autologous lymphocyte therapy')

By leveraging the power of autologous lymphocyte therapy, we can potentially revolutionize cancer treatment. As research continues, we can expect to see more breakthroughs in this promising field.

Autologous Lymphocyte Therapy is the future of cancer treatment.


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