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BC Platforms Acquires 4Pharma: A Strategic Move in Healthcare Data Management

Healthcare data management is evolving rapidly with the advent of technology. One of the key players, BC Platforms (BCP), has recently made a strategic move by acquiring 4Pharma Ltd, a leading contract research organization. This venture is expected to enhance BCP's global service offerings and streamline the translation of healthcare innovations into clinical practice.

BC Platforms: A Global Leader in Healthcare Data Management

Founded in 1997, BC Platforms is a global leader in developing data networks for the life sciences industry. It provides versatile technology platforms for personalized medicine, accelerating the translation of innovations into clinical practice. The company converts complex biological information collected in the healthcare setting into actionable insights.

4Pharma Ltd: An Expert in Medical Research Services

4Pharma is a well-established contract research organization providing medical research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. It was founded over twenty years ago and has developed significant expertise in a broad range of therapeutic areas including oncology, neurology, ophthalmology, musculoskeletal, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, and gynecology.

The Acquisition: A Strategic Move by BC Platforms

The acquisition of 4Pharma by BC Platforms is expected to expand BCP's global service offering. This will accelerate the translation of innovations into clinical practice. In addition, 4Pharma customers will benefit from additional services in the field of Real World Data (RWD) through the BC Platform technology.

Tero Silvola, CEO at BC Platforms, shared his excitement about the acquisition. He stated that it aligns with BCP's vision to build a world-leading analytics platform to enable the pharmaceutical industry's advancement of precision medicine. The acquisition aims to improve the efficiency of drug development and patient outcomes, and expands BCP's service offering to healthcare and life sciences customers.

4Pharma's Contribution to BC Platforms

4Pharma provides medical research services in several areas such as:

  • High-quality and cost-effective solutions for the management and delivery of clinical trial data

  • Medical writing

  • Patient safety data collection and reporting

  • Trial design & interpretation

  • Health technology assessment

  • Supporting global regulatory submissions

  • Risk-based patient monitoring

With this acquisition, BCP will bolster its capabilities in these valuable areas for drug development and clinical research, further diversifying its service portfolio for pharma and biotech clients.

The Impact on 4Pharma

Tero Oinonen, CEO at 4Pharma, expressed his delight at joining forces with BCP. He mentioned that 4Pharma’s business has thrived through providing state-of-the-art biostatistics, data management, and medical writing services. The company's clinical trial data management and statistical expertise have been at the heart of several successful global regulatory submissions. Oinonen highlighted that their team has a wealth of top-quality industry expertise, which takes their clients beyond their data.

The Role of Jolt Capital in the Acquisition

Laurent Samama, Managing Partner at Jolt Capital, expressed his views on the acquisition. He said that when they led the last November's USD 20 million growth equity financing of BC Platforms, it was to underpin the company's position as Europe's leading Real World Data provider. The synergistic acquisition of 4Pharma is aligned with that plan, boosting the power in BCP's genomic data discovery and analytics platforms.

The Future of BC Platforms

The acquisition is due to complete by the end of Q2, where Tero Oinonen will become Executive VP, North-Europe for BCP. This move grows BCP's capabilities in providing 'data intelligence' analytics services to its clients, incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence into generating usable clinical, and drug development, insights from Real World Data.


The acquisition of 4Pharma by BC Platforms is a strategic move in the healthcare data management industry. It will not only enhance BCP's global service offerings but also streamline the translation of healthcare innovations into clinical practice. This move is poised to bring significant benefits to healthcare and lifesciences customers worldwide.


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