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Biotech Boom: Investment Surge in Seven Key Startups Topping $200M

The biotechnology sector is witnessing a robust inflow of capital, with seven startups recently attracting a combined investment of over $200M. Ranging from innovative cancer therapeutics to disruptive synthetic biology, these startups demonstrate the diverse potential in the biotech space. 1. Evonetix: Revolutionizing DNA Synthesis 1.1. Recent Funding Cambridge-based Evonetix has secured an additional $24M, taking its total Series B funding to $54M. The round was spearheaded by Foresite Capital, with participation from Molten Ventures, Morningside DCVC, Cambridge Consultants, Civilization Ventures, and Providence. 1.2. The Technology Evonetix has developed a proprietary technology that expedites the synthesis of thousands of DNA sequences on a single silicon chip. This technological breakthrough has significant implications for the biotech industry. 1.3. Future Plans The newly-acquired capital will be utilized for commercializing Evonetix's silicon chip technology at a larger scale. 2. Tilt Biotherapeutics: Bringing Oncolytic Viruses to the Forefront 2.1. Recent Funding The Helsinki-based Tilt Biotherapeutics has raised €12M in new capital, in addition to the €10M secured last June. 2.2. The Innovation Tilt Biotherapeutics is pioneering cancer therapies that employ oncolytic viruses, equipped with molecules such as cytokines that can manipulate T cells. The firm's primary therapeutic candidate, TILT-123, is fortified with two cytokines: TNF alpha and IL-2. 2.3. Future Plans The recent funding will facilitate the progression of TILT-123 into mid-stage clinical trials. The trials will evaluate the oncolytic virus in conjunction with checkpoint inhibitors. 3. Slingshot Biosciences: Redefining Diagnostics and Therapeutics 3.1. Recent Funding Slingshot Biosciences managed to secure $11M in Series A3 financing for its synthetic cell platform. 3.2. The Technology Slingshot's platform can be deployed in diagnostics and therapeutics, including cell and gene therapies. References:


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