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Exploring the Power of Life Science Data: A Deep Dive into PatSnap Life Science

1.1 A Brief Overview

Established in 2007, PatSnap has emerged as a leading player in the technology and innovation information services arena. The company is committed to assisting global innovative enterprises and innovation communities by providing them with insightful data, and innovative tools, and fostering an open ecosystem for collaboration. Its mission and value statement encapsulates the goal of "Connecting innovation and breaking boundaries."

1.2 Global Presence

PatSnap's global headquarters are located in Suzhou, China, with additional offices in Singapore, the UK, Canada, and Japan, among others. The company has managed to create a broad customer base, serving over 12,000 customers in more than 50 countries, including universities, research institutions, and high-tech industries such as biopharmaceuticals and new energy.

1.3 Key Statistics

  • A strong Chinese team of over 1000+ professionals

  • A high concentration of technical research and development personnel (70%)

  • A global staff count exceeding 1200+

2. PatSnap's Growth Journey

PatSnap's growth trajectory has been marked by several key milestones, from its establishment in 2007 to being recognized as a Chinese unicorn enterprise in 2020. The company has continuously expanded its business and launched new products in areas like biopharmaceuticals, science and technology finance, and research and development services.

3. Diving into PatSnap Life Science

As a technology and innovation intelligence SaaS service provider, PatSnap Life Science focuses on technology and innovation intelligence and intellectual property information services. It leverages AI technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing (NLP) to offer big data intelligence services to leading technology companies, universities, research institutions, and financial institutions across the globe.

Synapse is a PatSnap solution designed to help life sciences professionals sift through and connect with millions of early and late-stage drug discovery and development sources. It enables informed decision-making throughout every stage of the innovation cycle by utilizing AI technologies to build a big data system that monitors, mines, and applies biopharmaceutical-related data in real-time.

5. PatSnap Bio: A Unique Biological Sequence Searching Database

PatSnap Bio is a platform that uses innovation intelligence to link patent and non-patent literature sequences with therapeutics and biologics. It empowers IP and R&D teams to find the right answers or solutions to improve their research effectiveness, build strong innovation pipelines, increase productivity, and devise a solid IP protection strategy.

6. A Comprehensive Chemical Structure Retrieval Database

PatSnap Chemical is a vertical product in the chemical field under PatSnap. It offers a complete solution for chemical intellectual property and R&D work by integrating patent data with chemical substance information, clinical trial data, approval information, and more.

7. Offering Product API Services

PatSnap also provides Product API Services to support the entire pharmaceutical R&D industry chain. It assists clients with decision-making needs by offering data analysis, innovative business, data openness, and APP module services.

8. Serving a Range of Industries

PatSnap's services and solutions cater to a broad range of industries including but not limited to universities, research institutions, biopharmaceuticals, new materials, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, telecommunications, electronic communications, new energy vehicles, and semiconductors.

9. Competitive Landscape for Innovative Drugs

Synapse, a product of PatSnap, helps decision-makers discover investment opportunities and identify project competition risks by exploring early-stage research projects. It reveals that there are 73,000 new drugs worldwide and uses protein and nucleic acid sequence searches to retrieve public information from patents, literature, and biological databases.

10. Conclusion

PatSnap has revolutionized the life science data landscape by leveraging the power of AI and innovation intelligence. Its diverse product range, including Synapse, PatSnap Bio, and PatSnap Chemical, provides comprehensive solutions for life science professionals. With PatSnap, organizations can unlock the potential of life science data to accelerate innovation, make informed decisions, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.


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