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Gilde Healthcare: A Beacon of Innovation in the Healthcare Sector

Gilde Healthcare, a prominent healthcare investor, has recently announced a significant monetary commitment of €600 million towards their new investment fund, Gilde Healthcare Venture&Growth VI. This fund is dedicated to fostering growth in companies that are focused on delivering improved healthcare services at a more affordable cost.

A Closer Look at Gilde Healthcare

Gilde Healthcare is a specialized healthcare investor handling over €2.5 billion across two separate fund strategies: Venture&Growth and Private Equity. The Venture & Growth fund is focused on rapidly developing businesses operating in digital health, medical technology (MedTech), and therapeutics, based both in Europe and North America. Meanwhile, their Private Equity fund targets lower mid-market healthcare companies based in North-Western Europe.

The New Investment Fund

The Gilde Healthcare Venture&Growth VI fund is aimed at companies that are revolutionizing healthcare by providing quality services at a reduced cost. The fund is supported by an assortment of international investors, comprising corporations, banks, pension funds, insurers, fund-of-funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, family offices, entrepreneurs, and the Gilde team itself.

Pieter van der Meer, Managing Partner at Gilde Healthcare, expressed satisfaction at the interest shown by investors. He stressed the importance of innovations that not only improve the quality of healthcare but also ensure affordability. He believes their holistic approach will enable them to choose the most optimal and cost-effective solutions for individual patients.

The Impact Council

The mission of Gilde Healthcare to invest in better care at a lower cost is fortified by the recently formed Impact Council, presided over by the former executive director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Healthcare Expenditure Trends

The cost of healthcare in the Western world is experiencing an upward trend, with the United States already spending over 20% of its GDP on healthcare. This underscores the importance of Gilde Healthcare’s mission to invest in affordable healthcare solutions.

Investment Strategy

The new fund plans to invest €10-60 million in each new portfolio company. This, coupled with the last Venture&Growth fund (closed in 2020) and Gilde Healthcare Private Equity IV (closed in 2022), means that Gilde Healthcare has raised a staggering €1.5 billion in capital over the past three years.

A Remarkable Achievement

In just three years, Gilde Healthcare has managed to raise over €1.5 billion across three funds, demonstrating the faith and trust of investors in their vision and strategy.


Gilde Healthcare's latest fund is a testament to their commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare sector. The €600 million fund seeks to boost companies that are striving to deliver better healthcare services at a fraction of the current cost. With the backing of a diverse group of international investors, they are poised to make significant strides in the realm of healthcare innovation.

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