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Lucy Scientific Discovery: An Unveiling Acquisition Proposal for Pasithea Therapeutics

Introduction In the ever-evolving domain of biotechnology and medicinal products, companies are always on the lookout for strategic moves to expand their operations. One such strategic leap has been taken by Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc., a renowned producer of compounds for medicinal products. Lucy has extended a proposal to Pasithea Therapeutics Corp., a biotechnology firm concentrating on innovative medical solutions, to acquire its entire common stock. Proposal Overview The proposed offer from Lucy indicates a payment of $0.60 in cash, along with $0.25 cents in Lucy's stock (NASDAQ: LSDI) for each share of Pasithea's common stock. This offering per share is a healthy 142% premium to Pasithea's closing stock price of $0.35 per share on June 1, 2023. Significantly, the cash component alone projects a 71% premium. Offer details: - Cash component: $0.60 - Stock component (Lucy's stocks): $0.25 - Total value per share: $0.85 Implications for Pasithea Pasithea's latest quarterly report reveals a cash balance of approximately $30 million. Lucy's offer, given Pasithea's substantial market value discount to its net cash, is poised to deliver immediate value with additional upside potential via Lucy's stock for Pasithea's shareholders. Additionally, to conserve cash for shareholders, Lucy contemplates exploring strategic alternatives for selling off Pasithea's clinical development program. Lucy's Market Position While Pasithea's 30-day average daily dollar trading volume is a mere $16,000, Lucy, being an active NASDAQ-listed company, boasts an average daily dollar trading volume exceeding $1.8 million. This translates to over 100 times the dollar volume of Pasithea's trading, potentially significantly enhancing liquidity for its shareholders. Course of Action if Proposal Gets Rejected Lucy is well prepared for any potential setbacks. In the scenario where its proposal fails to gain endorsement from Pasithea's Board of Directors, it is ready to present the proposal directly to Pasithea's shareholders. About Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. (NASDAQ: LSDI) is a NASDAQ-listed company, licensed to produce compounds for medicinal products. With a Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealer's License granted by Health Canada's Office of Controlled Substances, it operates under Part J of the Food and Drug Regulations as promulgated under the Food and Drugs Act (Canada). Lucy's Operations Under the specialized license, Lucy and its wholly-owned subsidiary, LSDI Manufacturing Inc., are authorized to develop, sell, deliver, and manufacture pharmaceutical-grade active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used in controlled substances and their raw material precursors. However, Lucy does not sell psilocybin products to the general public. Lucy's Mission With a focus on pioneering innovative therapies for patients in need, Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. is dedicated to advancing the understanding and applications of psychedelic medicine, improving mental health outcomes, and enhancing well-being for individuals worldwide. Disclaimer The content above comes from the network. If there's any infringement, please contact us to modify. By all accounts, the strategic move by Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. to acquire Pasithea Therapeutics Corp. will be a game-changer in the pharmaceutical industry. As we await further developments, the proposal already seems to be a win-win situation for both parties involved.

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