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Pneumagen's Trailblazing Journey: Raising Funds and Accelerating Clinical Development of Neumifil

Biotech company Pneumagen has successfully procured £8 million in funding to propel the Phase 2 development of Neumifil, a groundbreaking antiviral drug for the prevention and treatment of viral respiratory tract infections. A Resilient Response to Respiratory Disease As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, respiratory diseases have come under the spotlight. Pneumagen, a clinical stage biotech firm, has risen to the challenge, developing Neumifil—an innovative, broad-spectrum antiviral drug. The drug, which is administered intranasally, aims to prevent and treat viral respiratory tract infections, a significant concern for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Securing the Future: Pneumagen's Financial Triumph In a bid to advance Neumifil into Phase 2 development, Pneumagen recently procured a whopping £8 million in funding. This financial boost was, in part, thanks to the support of both existing and new investors. Thairm Bio and Scottish Enterprise, existing investors, joined forces with newcomer Esperante Ventures, alongside a selection of US-based investors, to bolster Pneumagen's financial position. The Promise of Neumifil: A Ray of Hope for COPD Patients The newly acquired funds will be instrumental in progressing the clinical development of Neumifil. The drug holds significant promise for individuals with COPD who suffer from virus-induced exacerbations. Neumifil is currently undergoing a Phase 2a proof of concept human challenge study involving healthy participants who are subsequently infected with the influenza virus. The initial results of this study are eagerly awaited and are expected by mid-2023. Words from the Leaders: A Testament of Trust Pneumagen's Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Thomson, expressed his gratitude for the funding, stating, "This financing speaks to their confidence in our strategy and the significant progress we have made." He added that the funds would support the continued development of Neumifil, including preparations for a Phase 2b study in COPD patients due to commence in 2024. Thairm Bio's Mark Bamforth echoed these sentiments, declaring his continued support for Pneumagen and the development of Neumifil. He praised Pneumagen's progress and underscored Neumifil's potential to address a significant unmet medical need—preventing virus-induced exacerbations, which could be potentially fatal for some patients with severe underlying respiratory disease. Esperante Ventures' Managing Director, Dean Slagel, also expressed his excitement about their inaugural investment in Pneumagen, admitting that he was attracted by Pneumagen's leadership and the multiple milestones they had achieved in positioning Neumifil as a potential treatment for respiratory tract infections. An Overview of Pneumagen Pneumagen is a clinical-stage biotech firm with a focus on developing Neumifil, its flagship product. The drug, a broad-spectrum antiviral, is administered intranasally for the prevention and treatment of viral respiratory tract infections (RTIs). Neumifil is set to advance into a Phase 2b clinical study in 2024, aiming to alleviate the suffering caused by virus-induced exacerbations. The Science Behind Neumifil Neumifil is a unique, engineered multivalent Carbohydrate Binding Molecule (mCBM). It acts by directly binding and preventing the entry of viral pathogens into the lungs, thereby reducing susceptibility to direct viral resistance. The drug was cultivated using Pneumagen's proprietary GlycoTarge™ technology, which acts to halt viruses at the site of infection, reducing their ability to enter cells and migrate to the lungs. Beyond Neumifil: Harnessing the GlycoTarge™ Platform In addition to Neumifil, Pneumagen is leveraging its GlycoTarge™ platform to facilitate the development of a pipeline of intranasal therapies targeting other infectious lung diseases. The Origins of Pneumagen Established in 2016, Pneumagen is a spin-out from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. This connection has granted Pneumagen access to world-class scientific expertise and capabilities in viral RTIs, specifically related to glycobiology. Conclusion As Pneumagen rides the wave of its recent financial success, the future looks bright for the clinical development of Neumifil. With the potential to address a large unmet medical need and prevent potentially lethal virus-induced exacerbations, this drug could be a game-changer in the prevention and treatment of viral respiratory tract infections. References:

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