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Viridian Therapeutics Partners with Enable Injections: A New Era in Drug Delivery

Viridian Therapeutics, the biotech giant specializing in innovative medicinal solutions for rare and critical diseases, recently entered into a strategic alliance with Enable Injections. This partnership aims to revolutionize drug delivery by incorporating Enable's advanced enFuse® wearable drug delivery technology.

The Collaboration

The collaboration focuses on expanding Viridian's pre-clinical programs outside of their thyroid eye disease (TED) portfolio. This alliance is a testament to the company's commitment to patient-centric innovation.

Scott Myers, Viridian's President and CEO, said,

"As we expand our pipeline beyond TED and assess the unmet needs of patients living with other serious and rare diseases, it's clear that convenient drug delivery is an important issue."

The enFuse® Advantage

The innovative enFuse® wearable drug delivery system developed by Enable Injections offers the advantage of administering up to 25mL of medication. Its design, with a hidden needle and hands-free delivery, allows patients to administer medication discreetly and conveniently either at home or in a clinic.

Enable Injections' Chairman and CEO, Michael D. Hooven, expressed the company's excitement on partnering with Viridian and how the enFuse® technology could enhance patient experience.

About Viridian Therapeutics

Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, Viridian Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on engineering and developing potential best-in-class medicines for patients with serious and rare diseases. They are known for their expertise in antibody discovery and engineering which allows them to develop differentiated therapeutic candidates for previously validated drug targets in commercially established disease areas.

Their Work in Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)

Viridian is making strides in the clinic for the treatment of patients with TED. The Company has initiated its first global phase 3 trial, 'THRIVE', to evaluate the safety and efficacy of VRDN-001 in patients with active TED. This is accompanied by a Phase 2 proof-of-concept trial in patients with chronic TED.

Aside from its intravenously administered VRDN-001 program, the company is advancing three candidates for its subcutaneous strategy to provide a more conveniently administered therapy to patients with TED.

Future Potential

Viridian is also developing multiple preclinical assets in autoimmune and rare diseases, indicating a promising future in the field of biopharmaceuticals.

About Enable Injections

Cincinnati-based Enable Injections is a global healthcare innovation company that develops and manufactures drug delivery systems designed to improve patient experience. Enable's body-worn enFuse® delivers high-volume pharmaceutical and biologic therapeutics via subcutaneous administration, aiming to improve convenience, support superior outcomes, and advance healthcare system economics.


This partnership between Viridian Therapeutics and Enable Injections is a significant step towards improving drug delivery systems. The combination of Viridian's expertise in developing therapeutic agents and Enable's innovative enFuse® technology promises to create a significant positive impact on patient treatment and the overall healthcare industry.

Disclaimer: The enFuse system is currently under investigation and is not approved for commercial use by any regulatory agency.

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